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Get to know Aaliyah Jay, download the copy to read more.


Q: Who Is Aaliyah Jay?

“Aaliyah Jay is the IT GIRL. She’s a jack of all trades, she’s kind, she’s generous but she’s also feisty and ready to attack all of her goals! “

Q: What do you aspire to be?

“ I aspire to be my BEST SELF! I notice that when I’m focused on my goals, myself and my business, I thrive the best. I’ve been in so many situations that have almost taken me out mentally, stressed me out emotionally and made me sick physically. I realized all of these things were happening when I was focusing on what other people were doing or worrying. As of recently, I’ve learned to start putting myself first and worrying less. I aspire to be the woman that I see in my dreams who I usually call “MY HIGHER SELF”


Q: Say something about your background?

“A lot of people don’t know this, but I was born in Boston and moved to New York City when I was 5 and have been here ever since. I'm a Boston girl for sure, but I’m a New York girl at heart. I love being from New York so much and lately I’ve been learning to appreciate New York culture, style and more, especially since stepping into the fashion game. New York is the fashion capital. In my eyes, there is no other city that does it better! “