Women in Music


Originally written by Dahja Gordon

2019 burst out with women entertainers nationwide! We have seen a surge of many women in the music industry commandingthe attention of their peers. These ladies came to slay and took on the industry like a BOSS! It was a “Hot Girl Summer” when Megan Thee Stallion came on the scene and have the young women in a Frenzy with the three-letter slogan. She got women of all size, color, and belief attention locally and internationally. Her popularity rose with her message of embracing your authentic self resonated with more and more women. Megan’s breakout hit single “Big ole freak” dominated the airplay for months. Along with her mixtape, “Fever” gained an enormous amount of attention during her career in the 2019 span. This Houston Hottie’s Presence is a force to be reckoned with.

 Billie Eillish. an 18 singer defied the rules and tradition of the industry by further popularizing the sound of alternative pop music. At the age of 18 Billie’s album “When we all Fall asleep where do we go”, dominate the Billboard charts for months at a time. Her unique style of oversized clothes has almost made a statement. In an industry where the bodies of many young women are overly sexualized, Billie has defined this norm to the image of oversized clothing. Which attracts the younger generation.

Lizzo took us on a “feeling good as Hell” moment when she came on the scene with a different confidence of how women should look and feel She gave a lot of courage and boldness to women who felt less of themselves and had no self-esteem because they were not looking like women in a magazine, the look that society forces on us. Lizzo made statements as she captivates more plumed and fuller women in the world's attention to be yourself. Confidence became a different meaning after Lizzo express how it should be from her stage performances to her daily look.

Normani a singer and dance came to fame with

For decades, the female presence in music was divisive more than anything. As different women who were in a certain genre, remained in that genre and mostly were seen interacting with others in that genre.

These women brought in a new sound and a refreshing look to the masses. 

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