NYSFE shows support for COVID's front line workers in Brooklyn


  The world of fashion is at a standstill due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

  New York Summer Fashion Explosion was among the fashion organizations thrown to the mat by the virus, forcing the organization to cancel its annual “real-life” fashion show in June. The event became a virtual celebration of fashion instead so guests could socially distance themselves and keep themselves healthy.

  But the creatives at NYSFE aren’t sitting idly by as the fashion world tries to figure out what’s next when COVID-19 fades. Instead, they are doing what they can to help those who are on the frontlines fighting COVID-19.

  The organization recently donated 100 three-course meals from Flare Foods to staff members at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn. The organization also now is working to supply masks and gowns to the staff at Brookdale after learning some workers are wearing torn gowns or have to double up gowns to be safe.

  In a live video chat with workers at Brookdale, NYSFE creative director Jessi-Mar-Ewart said it was “devastating” to hear how the workers must cope with faulty personal protective equipment during this pandemic. To hear it is happening in New York was even more devastating, he said.

  Megan McAlpine, a staff member in the radiology department at the hospital, said hospitals in Brooklyn and east New York often are overlooked in media coverage about New York City’s struggles with COVID-19. Hospitals in Manhattan tend to draw the headlines, she noted. However, McAIpine explained, the Carnasie area, which Brookhaven serves, has been hit especially hard by COVID-19.

  Jessi said NYSFE will be doing what it can to help Brookdale because “New York is our heartbeat.”

  “We can hear your concern,” said Jessi., “We appreciate everything you are doing.”