Editor-In -Chief Letter For Vol9

The evolution of fashion in a fashion-forward industry

Fashion has always been and will likely always be about evolution. It reflects what is happening in the world and where the world is heading.

Historically, fashion has been the trendsetter, influencing the next wave of inspiration, pop culture, and important social movements. But with the rise of technology and new ideas on how fashion should be, general fashion has had to become fashion-forward.

So how has technology influenced not just fashion but the whole fashion world?

How Has Technology Influenced Fashion?

Technology forced itself into the fashion world like a button through a hole – welcomed and seamlessly. Ultimately, it made sense for the fashion world to accommodate the rise of technology as it was proving to be the way the world was heading.

Not only did technology make fashion easier but also more accessible.

The rise of the internet made it way easier for big-name brands to reach their established audience quicker and more cost-effectively. For example, clothing brands pushed marketing campaigns via online advertising rather than in magazines allowing more people to know about a new line or sale.

However, the most important influence that technology has on the fashion world, was it opened the doors for younger unestablished fashion designers. They could create online platforms to grow a loyal audience in real-time.

Young fashion designers became new pioneers of forward fashion as they were the ones who most understood the release of the latest technology.

As such, technology forced the fashion world to open its recently exclusive doors to younger and fresher fashion designers as they were the ones who knew how to capture an audience.

Which is why our cover star, Aaliyah Jay, is stepping foot into this amazing industry and to show the world what she is made of. As Aaliyah looks forward to her fashion designing career, I can tell that she will have the world looking at her and what she will cultivate to inspire others in fashion. 

  1. Rushing is taking a matrix approach when it comes to fashion and styling with all that technology allows him to do. 

How Has Eco-Friendly Fashion Influenced Fashion?

Along with the rise of technology, soon came the increased demand for eco-friendly fashion.

The internet fed into fast fashion trends, rapidly gaining popularity over the last 20 years. In the previous five years, environmentally conscious consumers have called for eco-friendly fashion leading to the sustainable fashion movement.

At first, the movement was only made accessible to those who had the money to spare, but numerous  brands soon prioritised the accessibility of eco-friendly fashion.

How Does Consumer Behaviour Influence Fashion Trends?

The change in ideas and the evolving consciousness of the world around us has changed how people view and buy fashion. This shift led to the rise of eco-friendly fashion and the fashion world we know today.

As the world changes and social movements shape new demands of the fashion world, fashion has adapted to meet those demands.

Countless brands have been blacklisted or cancelled because they have refused to move with the times. They have ignored modern innovation and technology that can help create sustainable fashion and, consequently, have missed the mark with consumers. Fashion is all about the consumer, after all. As the demand for innovation and awareness continues to rise, fashion will have no choice but to abide.