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9 am - 9 pm
Photographers & Videography rental options are:
Weekday Rental Rates 
$125 per hours 
Daily $650.00 for 7hrs
(Allows up to 6 people in your party. 
Equipment / Lightening)
Booking will never be canceled or rescheduled without the appropriate notification to the client.


Weekend Rental Rates
$150 per hour
Daily $950 for 7hrs.
Allows up to 8 people in your party. 
Equipment / Lightening
Booking will never be canceled or rescheduled without the appropriate notification to you. 

Shoots include white backdrop & some Equipment

To add to your shoot
  1. Colored backdrop -
  2. $10 per color
  3. Some Furniture/accessories props within the studio $20 per hour

Events Rates- Contact Us For Event Booking   

 Studio Rental for Events Max 60 pp
 Minimum hours .Email us for booking details. 

Events- Sound/AV

The sound system comes included with our staff package.
Your DJ or you can connect easily into your mixer/laptop/iPhone.

DJ/Live Music/Entertainment/Models and More.

You are more than welcome to bring in your DJ or musicians

Also depending on the music aesthetic you'd like to have, we can book a live music band or one of our DJs for your event with all sound equipment, mixers, and the setup ready

We also have lots of other creative entertainment elements like greeters/dancers, models/ live performances, projector, fog machine  and more.
We also offer VR /AR rentals and many more.
Contact our events coordinator to get more creative/interactive event entertainment solutions if interested.




Nestled in the financial district of Midtown Atlanta with Fortune 500 companies such as Mercedes Benz, CNN World Center, Delta Airlines, Coca Cola, AT& T, and State Farm Arena. Atlanta film industry is #2 in the country. NYSFE Studio is adjacent to Georgia State University, eclectic restaurants, bustling social activities, and the billion-dollar film industry. The studio is conveniently accessible by Marta and other forms of public transportation 


The Healey Building

57 Forsyth Street

Suite 300

Atlanta GA 30303

Tele: 1 (516) 744-6970