Beyond The Diary

We began our journey with Karah Railey in NYSFE Magazine’s Volume 6 Issue, Breaking Free, with Karah’s Model Diaries selection. Through a recent vigorous showcase of talent during the 2020 American Talent Showcase & Model Jam America Conference, Karah embodied the momentum of our Model Diaries notoriety. Our hope of driving growth, taking risks and stepping outside of comfort zones has been more than evident through Karah’s continued work. Come with us as we find out what work your Karah has been up to.

Q: What is the American Talent Showcase & Model Jam America Conference?

A: It is a showcase produced by Z1 Models and Talent, where models, actors, singers and dancers can demonstrate and show off their abilities in their given talent areas.

Q: How do you prepare for this type of showcase?

A: There is practice for each division three to four months ahead of the showcase. I am involved in learning new choreography for each dance number. For physical preparation, I work hard to eat only fruits, vegetables and protein with very little snacking in between meals.  I go to the gym every day and walk or run on the treadmill intermittently.

Q: Why did you choose the specific cocktail dress you wore in your showcase?

A: I chose an outfit that showed my individual style. The dress is an original, one-of-a-kind design by Johnathan Kayne.

Q: What kind of dance background do you have and how did you prepare for your performance

A: I began dancing at the age of 2, starting with ballet instruction and then I added tap, modern dancing, and point. After my dance experiences, I became a cheerleader. This dance was inspired by the dance choreographer, Jojo Gomez. I chose this dancing style because it created an atmosphere that was unsettling and weird which is very opposite my own personality. My goal for the dance was to show my diversity in the challenge of a dance that would have an emotional impact for the audience.  

Q: What are your thoughts and feelings about the current culture of our industry, protests and the covid-19 pandemic?

A: The changes that have been made have revamped how the consumer sees advertising as more personal and open to a variety of people no matter their style, size, or ethnicity. I have had to practice more at home rather than practicing with my fellow models on stage for performances during the stay at home quarantine orders. Modeling is an up close and personal occupation. Models are always in close contact with other models and performers. Virtual interviews and auditions have become the safest ways for now to keep going with our industry. Regarding the protests that have been happening around our country, I do not believe that violence will solve problems. I do believe that peaceful protesters have the right to be expressive and passionate. The covid-19 pandemic is a very real problem. We need to see it for what it is and be willing to follow any guidelines to keep everyone safe. Respect others and keep them safe as well as yourself. I personally will make wearing a mask a fashion statement.

Q: How do you define 2020?

A: I define the year 2020 as a year like no other! It is a learning experience for a new normal. 2020 has been a scary time where many of us are worried about our health and anxious about supply shortages and death. I personally struggle with these feelings. My hope is for each one of us to be loving, kind, considerate, patient and understanding to all of these situations.

Credits: Creative Director/Makeup Artist/Author-Takiyah Green; Photographer-Zavier Miles; Model-Karah Railey; Agency-Z1 Models and Talent; Designer Cocktail Dress-Johnathan Kayne; Location Manager-Joshua J. Bovill