The J 3 Sisters

The Most Beautiful Girls in The World
The J3 Sisters (Joba, Jomiloju & Jare Ijalana)

1. First of all, the photos you sisters take are just absolutely stunning. The J3 Sisters are positively glowing in their natural beauty! How does it feel to inspire so many young girls to shine in their version of beauty?

Ans: It is good to know that we are inspiring so many people. We believe girls should be proud of their beauty. We need to take pride in ourselves.

2. Some of the images captured of you girls show you wearing little to no make-up and like they say, "your melanin is popping'." What's your secret to having smooth, beautiful skin?

Ans: We would say our beautiful skin comes naturally.

3. For the new fans who are just getting to know The J3 Sisters for the very first time, what are your names and how old are you girls (from Oldest to Youngest)?

Ans: We are Joba Ijalana (10yrs), Jomiloju Ijalana (7yrs) and Jare (5yrs).

4. Are you from Nigeria?
Ans: We are from Ondo State, South West of Nigeria.

5. At what age did each of you start modeling?
Ans: We started modeling this year (2018).

6. What do you girls like about modeling?
Ans: The fun of showcasing fashion wears and the photo shoots

7. So, what are your least favorite things about modeling?

Ans: So far we are enjoying it. It has been fun.

8. Do your sisters have any additional siblings or is it just the three of you girls?

Ans: No, we do not have additional siblings. It is just the three of us.

9. What are some of your favorite activities you girls like to do with your family?

Ans: We love watching TV programs together and our regular fortnight outings as a family.

10. It's exciting that all your names begin with a J, starting with Joba, then Jomiloju and then Jare. Is there any special meaning behind each of your names?

Ans: Our full names are Oluwajoba (God Reigns) Oluwajomiloju (God Surprises Me) and Oluwajare (God is Victorious).

11. Joba: When you pose for a picture, you have a very fierce and powerful look. It's strikingly beautiful! What is your favorite part about posing for pictures?

Ans: I love every part of posing and photo shoot process. I love being behind the camera.

12. Jomiloju: While posing with your sisters, you are great at just capturing the joy and fun in the pictures. What's your favorite part about modeling with your sisters?

Ans: I love modeling with my sisters. It increases our bond. Being with them is fun.

13. Jare: Congratulations on being crowned "The Most Beautiful Girl in The World" on social media. Some of the compliments going around the media are that you are "absolutely stunning," you are "doll-like," and you are "The new Barbie." So Jare, what makes you feel beautiful?

Ans: I love being happy. My mummy says I am beautiful.

14. After the social media world named Jare as "The Most Beautiful Girl in The World," how has all of your day-to-day activities changed for you girls? Please walk me through your daily activities.

Ans: Our day to day routine has changed. We now have more scheduled photo shoots. We are also doing promotional campaigns for some brands. We are also receiving requests for interviews by different media channels across the world.

15. Do you girls find yourselves much busier after the media frenzy?

Ans: We are more engaged now.

16. What are some of the positive changes that have occurred for you girls after the media referred to Jare as "The Most Beautiful Girl in The World"?

Ans: The love from different countries of the world has been overwhelming. We have received words of encouragement & advice on our modeling careers. We have also received requests to promote some brands.

17. On the flip-side, what are some of the adverse changes that have happened after the media referred to Jare as "The Most Beautiful Girl in The World"?

Ans: So far, everything has been on a positive note. The love has been tremendous on social and traditional media platforms across the world.

18. So, are all three of you girls attending school? If so, tell us each grade?

Ans: Yes, we are in are in school. We school in Nigeria. Joba is in Junior Secondary School(JSS1), Jomiloju is in Primary 3, and Jare is in Primary 2.

19. The J3 Sisters currently have over 95,000 followers on Instagram. That's many followers! How has school life changed for each of you girls with all of this media fame? Do more people recognize any of you girls at school?

Ans: Our academic work is still going on very well. The media coverage has given us more popularity. We now have more recognition in school. We have been able to manage very well our school work and modeling life.

20. What do your friends think about your social media fame?

Ans: They are taking it good spirit. They are happy a youngster is being recognized and celebrated.

21. What do you each of you girls enjoy doing when you're not busy modeling?

Joba: I love reading and writing stories.
Jomiloju: I love singing and dancing.
Jare: I love watching cartoons, playing games and reading story books.

22. So, what is next for The J3 Sisters and where can fans expect to see you soon?

Ans: We continue with our modeling career. Our fans should expect to see us on the runways modeling for different brands across the globe.

23. Do you have any social media handles for fans to follow and keep up with you girls?

Ans: Yes we do. Our Instagram handle is @the_j3_sisters

Thank you so much ladies for joining me on this exclusive interview for NYSFE Magazine and best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

Contributing Writer, Josephine Dabeboe