NYFW: Virtually trending in 2020



Fashion week in New York City has always been about change.
Silhouettes change. Hemlines change. Fabric choice changes. Colors change. Influences change.
However, New York Fashion Week in September 2020 truly was a game changer.
Due to COVID-19, in-person fashion shows were a rarity. Those runways shows that opened the door to people other than the models, creative team and designers included only the elite of the elite in the fashion industry.
Most designers went virtual for the spring summer 2021 collections. Either they livestreamed models walking the runway, only witnessed by a camera crew, or they presented mini-fashion films.

Christian Siriano's runway show in September. DAN LECCA PHOTO
Even with the changes in presentation, Fashion Snoops kept track some of the top trends in September.
Fashion Snoops, which is an agency that tracks changes in fashion, offered up their take on what designers were offering this time around
"Virtual spectacle." As noted, NYFW had a different feel this year. "Designers found new ways to reinvent collections through a heavy dose of creative pragmatism," said Maria Coleiro, youth editor for Fashion Snoops.
"Joyful escape:" "Meadow emerges as a popular theme at NYFW, offering a lighter spin on escapist fashion that aligns with the countryside," said Melissa Moylan, a vice-president and creative drector in charge of womenswear at Fashion Snoops. Botanical florals and flowy silhouettes were among the manifestations of this trend.

Christian Siriano's latest collection included masks for wearing during the pandemic. DAN LECCA PHOTO
Statement masks: With COVID-19 everywhere, everyone is wearing a mask. Subsequently, designers are dipping their toes into the world of fashionable masks. "Christian Siriano was of the few designers who opted for a traditional runway showcase, where every single model donned a coordinated facemask," said Hallie Spradlin, the accessories director at Fashion Snoops.
Leisurewear: "Designers seem to be rethinking the idea of 'casual' by truly embracing a relaxed approach to clothing with new twists on leisure wear," said Patricia Maeda, womenswear editor for Fashion Snoops.
"Express yourself." Melissa Hago, vice president and creative director of beauty and wellness said, "Bold makeup looks are here to stay … (Despite the preponderance of masks) makeup can still be expressive as we stay safe."

Christian Siriano's runway show in September. DAN LECCA PHOTO