New York Summer Fashion Explosion 2021 ~ Providing a Space for Designers

New York Summer Fashion Explosion 2021… and what an explosion it was to us all! After the kick of the pandemic, the fashion industry has not been in full swing - due to the inability of photoshoots, fashion shows, TV exposure. It has been a quiet year for
us all, waiting patiently for the days to come again… and trust me, NYSFE came with a true explosion!


On June 26th, Claire Sulmers, CEO of Fashion Bomb Daily, hosted a remarkable fashion parade using the work of independent designers. Fashion Bomb Daily is ‘a direct to a consumer fashion company that leverages content and community to drive a multicultural shopping experience’. As well as FBD, Sulmers is also an author, public speaker and a Harvard graduate! Her notable fashion experience and influence in the industry made her the perfect candidate to host such an event. This wonderful woman is definitely one to watch in the world of fashion.


Summer 2021 was kicked off magically with this event hosted by New York City Fashion House, Pink Maison - pronounced ‘may-zon’. This affair occurs annually and seeks to find independent designers and highlights their admirable work during presentations and fashion shows. The showroom of Pink Maison consists of several luxury designers, such as Rene Dieu, Franz Christe, House of Byfield, Amme Collection, . Hosting such a range of individual designers is an aspect that allows us all to be caught up in a flurry over Pink Maison - we never know who will be hosted each year. It is definitely a way to keep all of us fashion lovers on our toes!


This luxury event from the exclusive fashion house in New York was definitely one of those, "I wish that I could be there", moments. With an audience of celebrities, fashion lovers and modern-day influencers, it was the event anyone could have conjured up in a dream! It was definitely the hot spot of the hour for the fashion industry, and even more appreciated after the global pandemic which has left quite a lot of us in a place of confusion, upset and loss. It was the perfect way to lift up all of our spirits after a long and bumpy road - but now we are back in our heels, LV sunglasses and walking every single street as though it is a runaway!


No event is entirely secure without a menu to go with it - all of your food lovers know what I mean. Light bites were served with some wine on the side - class served with a side of class! Smiles and positive energy was with us from the red-carpet experience all the way to the fashion presentations.


Don’t be hurt if you missed out this year - follow Pink Maison next year for their NYSFE 2021 with a brand-newlocation…


A beautiful rooftop venue situated in New York’s Times Square.


Definitely watch this space and be prepared for another wonderful fashion event in the near future!