Jade McFadden on Chic, Clean, Vintage-Inspired Fashion

The fashion industry is constantly evolving, but there are certain brands that capture the essence of vintage and classic beauty. Jade McFadden is one of them. We interviewed Texan founder Jade McFadden to learn more about the inspiration behind her self-named brand, her long and short term career plans, and her take on what fashion means.

Born and raised in a small town in East Texas called Texarkana, Texas, Jade knew from a young age that fashion was her forte. “I literally knew as a young girl that I wanted to become a fashion designer. I was fascinated by everything from sketching to styling models for fashion shows and commercials to sewing pieces by hand for my freelance fashion line years ago,” she adds.

Fashion was something she was always interested in, but her passion for it only grew in adulthood. “I most definitely love classic, chic, clean pieces, but I also love cool, modern statement pieces in my wardrobe as well,” she shares. So, she created her brand.

The Jade McFadden brand is a very unique fashion & lifestyle brand that designs and sells . high-quality clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, accessories, home décor, and various lifestyle products for women, men, and kids at reasonable prices. This is the new definition of “affordable luxury” which also includes clean, natural, organic, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free beauty and grooming products for women and men.

Despite the difficulties that come with showcasing small business, pieces of her collection have been featured at New York Fashion Week to smaller outlets. 

“There are so many amazing brands in the world, so it can be very, very challenging sometimes,” Jade notes about marketing and creating a social media presence. “It is very rare for a woman whose brand is named solely after herself, design for both women and men in this industry and receive the same amount of respect. Yes, it is a lot of work and we are a very small team, but, I, along with my business partner, who is the COO and great male visionary, will continue in making history and breaking records! We want men to feel just as confident as women and kids in buying and wearing our products.”

The fashion designer and entrepreneur remains resilient and focused on expanding her brand as the fashion industry continues to evolve and grow. 

“I don't worry about trying to keep up with the latest trends, because when it comes to my brand, we set the trends and the right customers will appreciate the uniqueness. I have a specific vision as far as brand expansion. I've dreamt the vision, so I have to work hard to bring the vision to life,” Jade told us.


In addition to her entrepreneurial spirit, Jade also had advice for newcomers, especially women of color, who want to enter the fashion industry.

“Research, find your target demographic, network, don't be afraid of people telling you ‘no’ stay optimistic and never give up, because a lot of times women color have to work harder to get to the top or to a certain level, but if we stay the course and believe in ourselves, then other people will believe in us, as well,” she advises.

Keep your eyes peeled for all that Jade will be doing in the near future. In addition to expanding her brand, Jade also plans to create more jobs in the community and donate to charities and organizations.