Island Vibes For Winter Tastes! The Launch Of Aya Styler's New Collection, TROPICA '23

Island Vibes For Winter Tastes! The Launch Of Aya Styler's New Collection, TROPICA '23


By: Lauren K. Clark


The accessories of fashion have a way of imitating that Earthly persona.  What is it about earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other fashionable essentials, which gets fashion to speak? Somehow, the accessories amplify the voice of any fashionable attire, with a hint of gentility. Depending on where a person is in the world, accessories find a way to accentuate that hidden voice of fashion. How they are placed on the body amplifies the very art of fashion.  Where they are placed on the body invites the fashionable eye into another world.  For one such company, it's an island, faraway!


In the world of Aya Styler, the scents of Trinidad and Tobago, accessorizes this fashionable gaze! Founded by businesswoman and designer-Tameika Fletcher Birmingham, the brand recently launched its latest project, TROPICA 23.' On January 14, 2023, TROPICA 23' Collection had its first Trunk Show appearance at the Pink Maison Showroom in Atlanta. Of course, it will not be the last.  For this Caribbean fashion designer, the collection is entrenched with the Earthly riches and flavors of her native island.  "Tropica really is the essence of our vibe: the movement and motifs are fun, yet stylish.  Our pieces are mainly all gold for the lush look; natural shells, pearls, and other materials, incorporated.  We also have a burst of colors to go for the different seasons.  I wanted to dive more into creating Caribbean style. . .not your Hawaiian shirt image, but something that is luxurious and contemporary. Some are like wearable art," states Birmingham.  


With island themes of nude coloring, seashells, and pearls, the collection takes accessory fans into a journey, where the sounds of water are worn.  Initially, the world of accessory design was not the career path for designer, Tameka Fletcher Birmingham.  After completing University, jewelry design was a hobby. It was a career into Airport Communications, that occupied Birmingham's time.  However, that career was short lived, as the world of jewelry making would later steer her into design.  "I became a top seller and educator in the market with my business called Bead Cafe, which I grew over 13 years.  Bead Cafe was in the business of selling raw materials for hobbyists and makers.  Aya Styler brand started to take shape in the latter years, as I regained an interest in design."  It's not to say that Birmingham was entirely "new" to the world of accessory design.  Afterall, Birmingham's family business are popular in Trinidad and Tobago's clothing business.  Prior to the founding of Aya Styler, the self-taught jewelry designer had been featured in her local, news media, while also participating in the area's fashion week with some of the top local designers.


For the TROPICA '23 Collection of Aya Styler, it is the floral and fauna island essence of Trinidad and Tobago, which imprints its mark into the pieces. In addition to seashells and pearls, the gold coloring establishes a "lush look" for this particular collection.  From gardenal hummingbirds to banana trees looking out from a window's view, the Earthly paradise of Trinidad and Tobago is patterned into the TROPICA '23 Collection.  "Our nude pieces with natural shells and pearls will remind you of our brown, sandy beaches at Pigeon Point and Maracas Bay. . .Even though we are tropical, we create timeless pieces, that are modern and structured with layers and movement.  When we do colour, we do rich palettes and soft tones."


If you were to ask the question, regarding the best styles to wear with pieces of the TROPICA '23 Collection, Birmingham suggests that accessories are complementary for "resort wear" and "high fashion" styles.  "Pack Aya for your next destination travel, but I can envision women in the streets of Soho or Milan adorned with our pieces, with their casual and stylish business attire." Clearly, TROPICA '23 island vibes has a way of camouflaging with any natural landscape.  


For all of you curious fashionista shoppers, looking to add one culture of Caribbean tropics to your winter wardrobe, you can purchase pieces from the TROPICA '23 Collection through the Pink Maison website and Showroom.  For more information on Aya Styler's recent TROPICA '23 Collection, you may go on  For those of you inquiring fashionistas in the Atlanta area, the next Trunk Show for TROPICA '23 is February 14, 2023 at the Pink Maison Showroom at 57 Forsyth Street NW, Suite 61, Atlanta, Georgia 30303.