Fast track of fashion: Asia Monet blows up Instagram



Asia Monet is like the Energizer Bunny of fashion on Instagram.

Nearly every day, the 15-year-old, who first came to the public's attention as a pre-teen competitor on "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition" -- and then her own reality series "Raising Asia" - has a different set of fashion editorial worthy photographs and a fashion video posted for her 1 million-plus followers.

"It was something that kind of came to me creatively during quarantine," said Asia in an email interview. "I've always loved editing, I also edit all my YouTube videos but, I really enjoy small visual videos, which is when I came up with idea of doing videos on my Instagram."

"(It) originally started out with one video with one song," explained Asia. "But, as each post went on I started making more little movie visuals with a bunch of snippets of videos in one with music as well."

"I've become very creative when it comes to locations and brand collab photos , which has been so much fun to find new places every day," said Asia.

"I'm a very adventurous person so, I took advantage of quarantine to go explore safely to places that would normally be crowded during the week," said Asia. "I try to switch up my look daily whether, it's more realistic daily pieces or extreme pieces"

"I never want to do the normal photo," said Asia.

Although Asia loves dancing and singing, the teen star said fashion has always been an obsession.

"Ever since I can remember, I loved going into my mom's closet and trying on everything imaginable," said Asia.

"I was always so inspired to change my look up whether it was for (dance) competitions or my day to day," Asia explained.

"I was most definitely that one girl who collected every Vogue magazine and had a little mini inspiration board of my favorite models wearing clothing that I could only dream of wearing."

When she looked for fashion inspiration, Asia did not have to look any further than her own home.

"My mom was definitely the most influential when it came to my style," said Asia. "When I wasn't dancing, she always allowed me to pick my favorite clothes out daily and sometimes even steal a little something from her closet."

"I think that's around the time I realized that fashion was not only used to portray a story for a dance routine but it was a way for me to express myself," said Asia.

These days, Asia said, "My style is always changing and I try to only wear certain pieces once and incorporate my favs at least once a week but, it also depends on what season we are in as well."

Although Asia started her public career on reality TV, these days music and acting are her focus.

"I went on tour with Mariah Carey for her 'All I Want For Christmas' Holiday tour at the Beacon Theater in New York, where I not only danced but had two singing solos," said Asia. "I booked a role as Sydney Simpson on 'American Crime Story: OJ vs The People' and a recurring guest role on the 12th season of 'Grey's Anatomy.' I sang the national anthem at the Los Angeles Clippers game at the sold out Staple Center. I released more original music such as 'Come Along,' and 'Hey Girl' and my most recent 'Real Life.'"

And then, of course, there's fashion. "I started modeling again and working with clothing brands and my portfolio."