Fashion Bring People Together


“Fashion bringing people together” We are your future generation! The time is now! Let us live for it!

My name is Aaron Carter, a 19-year-old aspiring creative director. I am the founder of Fashion bringing people together, which is a fashion project based on unity. I want everyone in our society today to understand that if we come together as one, the fashion industry will change. A few months ago, I was in my college dorm brainstorming ideas of how I could change the fashion industry. I settled on a project concept that ended up turning into something bigger than life. I came up with the idea of bringing together some of my favorite best-dressed models in the DMV area. This is a fashion project related to unity. I think that there is so much hate when it comes to fashion, and people are often afraid to express themselves due to all of the negative comments that they witness and see on the internet and social media. The colors you see throughout these pictures are the best way that I thought would portray unity. Unity is the state of being united or joined as a whole. It is a concept that I think needs to be implemented into a lot of fashion-related things because it’ll only bring about positive results.

The girls in white are used to represent an angelic form of fashion. Angels are usually meant to symbolize hope, trust, and love. Through fashion, I want people to understand that love can go a long way and that love should be spread throughout the fashion world. They are fashion angels, and I encourage everyone to “find your wings”. The process was long and hard, but I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support. Thank you to all of my models, photographers, videographer, assistants, and makeup artists: Aaliyah Culver, Reid Lucas, Samurah Sule, Alyse Smith, Ramatha Sesay, Saron Kassahun, Hiwot Balemlay, Christian Balemlay, Gabrielle James, Micah Neal, Tariqq Kamara, Francis Donkor, Donald Spencer III Melvin Williams and more. You all are what made this project unique and original. Fashion bringing people together is a movement, a lifestyle, and a way to bring about change. I will also be releasing a book very soon. An autobiography about my life and a story about how fashion has changed my life. I will continue to fight the change and to allow fashion to be equal for all. 

Aaron Carter (Creative director/Model)