Designers at New York Fashion Week’s September 2022 shows indicated they have washed their hands of the pandemic.


For a hot minute, as we were all working from home and Zooming our professional and social lives all over the world, casual was the hot fashion ticket. Variations on athletic wear, active wear and street wear proliferated.

But, with COVID under control, designers are fully committed to dressing us to-the-nines as we slip back to the dance clubs, galas and other formal celebrations where you will definitely find yourself hanging out in more than a company of one.

The tailoring was crisp for the September shows. Silhouettes slid away from the sensible and comfortable and toward the daring and fashion forward.

And there was bling in all of its glory on the majority of runways.

Another interesting trend was diversity.

While the fashion world had to be outed and dragged kicking and screaming into a diverse world, things are a little more calm. And the fashion leaders have realized… diversity isn’t so bad after all.

Yes, there were plenty of size zero models towering over the runway at 6 feet tall. But, unlike say 10 years ago, those models came in a variety of skin tones and were birthed in a variety of cultures.

If you stepped away from the high fashion runways—where millions and millions of dollars are tallied up in accountant’s ledgers—body diversity also ran rampant. These lesser known brands, who are only a front door away from their true customers, addressed the needs of those consumers. And customers in middle America and outside of the fashion capitals, come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Also, the designers outside of the gossip columns also have embraced gender fluidity. Yes, there were garments for the boys and garments for the girls; but there also were designers who acknowledged that some customers aren’t interested in such well-defined sartorial roles.

As is often the case when it comes to trends, opinions about what was hot in New York Fashion Week varied.

The trend trackers at WGSN cite these trends for the coming spring. Cerulean Blue will be the hot color. Waves will be the top print. And ruched sleeves and hip cut-outs will be the trending details for next year.

Over at Fashion Snoops, another trend tracking agency, their experts looked at the New York Fashion Week runways.

"One of the biggest messages at NYFW was that of body liberation... For Spring 23, designers bare it all with diverse and inclusive looks that really do apply to every body,” said Fashion Snoops. “That translates to a plethora of product trends from the progression of cutout dresses, bra tops, minis and corsets to the comeback of sheer tops, lace up details,halters and slinky columns. Low-rise bottoms-- especially of the baggy cargo variety --are a new favorite for giving that extra flash of skin."

In terms of accessories, Fashion Snoops said women should be shopping around for the latest "It Bag." And that bag is the pricy Fendi Baguette.
All photos by Mike Chaiken
Photo 6274
Zipporaa, one of the brands that showed at Small Boutique Fashion Week in New York City this September, that provided a collection for that woman ready to get dress up and hit that formal gala or that trendy nightclub. Photo by Mike Chaiken
Photo 3175
At Runway 7, designer Estella B embraced two top trends for New York Fashion Week in September 2022. The brand's models represented a diverse collection of skin tones and a diverse collection of body types. Plus the garments embraced body liberation. Photo by Mike Chaiken
Photo 8752
A model wears a garment in cerulean blue created by New York Fashion Week designer Melanie Caballero. Photo by Mike Chaiken
Photo 5749
Designers are bringing back bling, either in subtle touches like this dress from Shop the Runway shown at Society Fashion Week during New York Fashion Week on Sept. 11, or by taking a more in-your-face approach. Photo by Mike Chaiken