Chasing the gray away: Models, influencers, personalities share tips on mental health



The color gray is said to represent a dark state of mind with hints of gloom and misery.

But how do you extricate yourself from the “gray mood”?

Several models, social influencers and Instagram personalities shared their thoughts on what sets them headlong into a gray mood and how they manage to pull themselves back into a sunnier state of mind.


Julia Salvia, the creative force behind Beauty by Julia, a YouTube channel and Instagram page dedicated to beauty advice.

Julia Salvia

For me, what puts me in a gray mood is just be generally having a not so great day, all of the little things just adding up. I don’t think anyone likes to basically stub their toe 10 times a day, if you want to put a metaphor behind it. I think there’s nothing necessarily specific that puts me in a gray mood or sets me off. I think it’s just a bunch of things all added up at once. I think in general I’m just also especially, through my work, I’m very hard on myself. So that definitely can add to those kinds of moods

(To fight off the mood) I do a lot of reflection and try to remind myself of all of the accomplishments that I have made, whether they are small or big, it doesn’t matter.

One of the most amazing things that I have been doing, I try to do it every single day, is at the end of each day, I try to write down all of the good things that have happened to me just in that day alone. Whether it is the barista at Starbucks making my coffee perfectly or I got a new contract or I bought a new product. Whatever it may be, as big or as small as it is, I try to write all of the good things that I have had happen to me in that day throughout the day and reflect on it at the end of the week or the end of each day to just help me remind myself of all the things I should be grateful for, and that may be even if I stub my toes ten times that day, actually it was a great day.

(To pull myself out of a mood), usually I like to take it slow and remind myself to take it one step or one thing at a time. I’ll sit down, and again, I’ll write out all of the good things that has happened to me in that day, or recently, just try to remind myself of everything I’m grateful for. Or I’ll just call up one of my friends that I know who can cheer me up and remind me of those things just in case I’m not able to do it on my own

(If you end up in a gray mood), I would 100 percent recommend… writing down, as I do, absolutely everything good that has happened to you throughout the day - even as small as the barista at Starbucks making your coffee perfectly or maybe you saw a beautiful bird in the sky. Or it may be as big as getting a promotion or going out to dinner with friends. Whatever it may be, write it down.


Avaryana Rose is a model and an Instagram/ YouTube personality.

Avaryana Rose

Some things that put me in a dark mood are definitely witnessing hate being thrown at me or others, or when the people I care about are struggling or sad.

When I’m feeling these types of moods coming, I usually try to do some self-care and watch some movies to distract myself.

When I’m for sure feeling gray, I like to spend time with my favorite people and my family because they have a certain way of making me feel better.

(To others in this kind of gray mood), I would tell them it’s totally okay to feel gray because no one is perfect and happy all the time. Make sure to take care of yourself and tend to your needs. Finally find some distractions or things that make you happy and definitely do them when feeling these moods come on.


Bella Lynn is a model, Instagram personality and social influencer.

Bella Lynn

The kinds of things that put me in a gray/bad mood is negativity in general. I am an empath. Basically, what that means is I feel what you feel. I feel all kinds of things around me and when I’m around negative energy -whether it be in person, online or spiritually- I feel it. This is very draining to me. It has taken me a few years to realize what it is, and how to deal with it. 

Fighting these moods before they arrive is a daily process for me. Yoga and meditation help a lot. I pray for guidance and no matter your religion I think that when you have that in your life it makes a huge difference. 

When the gray mood settles in despite my best efforts, I cheer myself up by putting in my AirPods and playing my favorite music.

I am addicted to candles and I have been known to sage my house. ‘

One of the best things that actually cheers me up is to just unplug from the Internet, which is where my best fans and my worst haters reside. I unplug and just get in tune with what I am wanting to do that day, whether it be reading a book, journaling, listening to music or doing nothing at all. I have been known to do an all-day PJ day watching reruns of friends on Netflix. Those are sometimes the best days I have. I think everybody needs those down days. I think that laughing is literally is the best medicine for anything.

My best advice to give somebody else who is falling into one of those dark moods is to communicate. Find a trusted person, whether it be a parent, a good friend or even a teacher/coach. Let them know how you are feeling. There are times where I will get down and five minutes into a conversation with a best friend will immediately cheer me up.

People won’t always know when you are down, but people that love you will always go out of their way to try to cheer you up if they know that is what you need.

Don’t be afraid to reach out or even ask for help if you feel it’s getting to that point.

One of the best pieces of advice from my mom, after someone I knew committed suicide, was to never make a permanent decision based on a temporary feeling. I know this sounds so simple but sometimes just one good night’s sleep will do you good.

I have had to endure major bullying, rumors, awful posts done on me by both kids and adults. At the end of the day, I have found that standing proud, staying true to myself, and surrounding myself around people I know I can trust, and who love me has made all of the difference. There is no greater revenge then succeeding when so many people try to bring you down.

Bad moods and gray feelings are normal especially for kids my age. We have to learn how to communicate. 


Cydney Makara is a social influencer and model.

Cydney Makara

Being bored (can put me in a gray mood). I am the type of person who loves to be busy and stay productive whether I am creating content or studying I love to be busy and doing something to better myself. Also, I struggle with anxiety and some days are harder than others. I can be the happiest person one day and then the next, I am distant and keep to myself.

(To offset the mood) I try to surround myself with good people who have good energy I also like to listen to a lot of music I find that it helps me a lot. Another thing that I do when I feel anxious is workout I love to go on a run and listen to music while I run.

(If the mood settles in) I go hang out with a friend or do something to take my mind off of everything. It’s probably not the best way to deal with these feelings but I love to distract myself.

(To others) I would say to do things that you enjoy find a new hobby or even learn something new just do what makes you happy.


Victoria Henley, a runway and editorial model, is former contestant on “American’s Next Top Model and a fashion entrepreneur.

I am an avid “over-planner”, and I like to feel prepared with lists and schedules in preparation for work and recreational events alike. However, as we all too well know, life does not always go according to plan, and sometimes I become dismal and gloomy when life, or what I like to call “The Human Factor” interferes with my set plans. 

Having a definitive plan of action can do wonders in giving someone like me, who identifies as a Type A Personality, a sense of security and stability, so when I inevitably stumble across those “Murphy’s Law” days, when nothing seems to go according to plan, I feel a lack of control (and that puts me in a gray mood). 

Reminding myself of the oft-recited Serenity Prayer (accept the things I cannot change and change what I cannot accept) before I start my day puts me in the right mindset to face whatever variables and obstacles may come my way. 

(If the gray mood settles in), depending upon the reason... I fall back on a variety of “Pick Me Ups” to transition into a more cheery disposition. If I am caught in a web of negative thoughts, I simply force myself to list 10 things in my life for which I am most grateful. Identifying and expressing gratitude for your blessings can do wonders in altering your perspective.

Should I be in a dark mood due to sheer mental or physical exhaustion, I practice yogic breathing. Studies show that breathing patterns can have a direct and significant impact upon mood and cognition, so it’s amazing how something as simple as improving the oxygen flow to your brain can automatically uplift your spirit. 

(If someone else is in a funk), realizing that everyone from all walks of life feels lost, alone, anxious, depressed, and dismal at least some of the time can really put one’s situation in perspective. Knowing that other people are feeling and going through the same darkness as you and finding people to talk to when you fall into grey moods, can do wonders in pulling you out of abysmal negativity.

Once you have sorted through your issues, shift your focus onto helping others: whether it’s volunteering at an animal rescue or a homeless shelter. Sometimes looking outwardly provides you all the answers you may be looking for. It’s not about thinking less of yourself, but rather thinking of yourself less. 


Alexa Curtis, social influencer and lifestyle blogger on “Life Unfiltered with Alexa.”

Being on social media for too long makes me feel out of whack! It is definitely not something to be participating in for more than 30 minutes at a time, in my opinion. It's really important to remember social media is a tool not a lifeline.

I definitely have had interviews with guests on my podcast or Radio Disney show that weren't necessarily the best interviews and I don't walk away happy with how it goes, which can be disappointing. 

(To fight off the mood before it settles in) I always meditate in the morning for 20 minutes before I go on social media, and if I conduct an interview that isn't amazing, I'll do something to cheer myself up like go to lunch or a nice hotel for a drink and decompress a little. 

(If the gray mood settles in despite my best efforts) I hate to say it, but sometimes you just have to sit in your frustration for a bit until it disappears. We all have days that aren't great days, and that's okay! Stay off of social media, call a friend, and have some chocolate! 

(In terms of advice), many moments that are difficult last for a day or a few hours. Remember that life isn't meant to be easy, and how able and willing you are to bounce back from difficult times shows so much for your character.

Stay calm and breathe.