A Spicy Crochet Of Fun! SPICIE Fashion Brand Presents At Pink Maison Showroom In Atlanta, Georgia!

By: Lauren K. Clark

The new trend of some of the most traditional concepts of design and attire are returning back to the high fashion scene. For one daring artist, the artsy tradition of crochet is making a headway into this popular persona.


The recent showcase at Pink Maison Showroom has shown another rising fashion trend for those of the knitting worlds. Taking place from March 10-11, 2023 at the Pink Maison Showroom in Atlanta, Georgia, the SPICIE Fashion brand gave viewers and attendees a new vision into the world of high fashion, design, and crochet. Between the hours of 3:00-7:00pm EST, viewers received the opportunity to learn about one spicey taste of fashion. Founded by NYC-located designer, Amber Kollar, the SPICIE Fashion brand is not only pushing through a new style, but into a new celebration of women and modeling in the high fashion worlds.  While the brand was founded in 2022, it's apparent that its popularity is coming with a fashionable zest!


The art of crochet is nothing new.  It's been performed by generations of women, beforehand.  The artistry is practiced throughout different cultures around the world.  Yet, there are those designers, who bring crochet to the high fashion runway.  SPICIE Fashion brand is one of them!


In a delightful sit down, the American designer of  Puerto Rican and Polish heritage, by way of Connecticut, has an intriguing journey. "I found inspiration in messing up.  I think that's the best way to describe it.  I looked up a YouTube tutorial. It was like right after we got out of quarantine. And, I was really struggling to find inspiration in fashion. And so, I decided to just switch to crochet from selling and it was a really good way to expand my creativity and use silhouettes; use the manican to express unique textures and. . so you can't find in cut and sew because it's so organic."  


For this rising fashionista, imprints of the fashion scene had been instilled within her from a very young age.  


      "When I was younger, I was like.  obsessed with Disney princesses-and like Aurora-and the beautiful pink dresses.  I always wanted to buy one.  I always wanted to have one on." How intriguing it must be for the bounties of childhood fantasy and imagination to lay the foundations for entry into the fashion world! Embracing her unique individuality and persona also played its role in Amber Kollar's entrance into fashion.  "In high school, I started dressing differently from everyone else.  And I realized I didn't want to dress like everyone else.  I wanted to bring something different to the fashion world.  Then going into my young adulthood, I started researching fashion, more. Now, it's kind of developed into 'now, I can make whatever I want.'"


The pieces of SPICIE take on a personality of their own.  Not only do they highlight the beauty of the female form, but they also celebrate different sizes of every woman.  For Kollar, body inclusivity is an important feature for the SPICIE's fashionable goals.


    "I make all of my pieces, mostly. adjustable to all body shapes.  So, most of the garments-like down the side-all have adjustable stripes.  That way it's more adjustable to different body shapes and sizes.  I think this is something that is missing in the fashion world.  I think that helps heal women's, or anyone's, body image. . .I think that is something that is also missing on the runway."


Wellness and the celebration of different feminine images and forms are part of the brand's initiatives to support body positivity and self-esteem.  


Spicie brand fashions includes a variety of attire. From dresses, head/facial coverings, long-sleeved/short-sleeved crop tops, to knee-high accessories and cut outs of

mini-dresses, the brand moves to celebrate its fashionable versatility.  However, her most popular pieces are gowns and dresses (including custom-made) for different occasions, such as birthdays. Making its way from New York Fashion Week to its two-day showcase in the city of Atlanta, SPICIE looks forward to expanding their range and reach.


Of course, one of the foundations of the SPICIE crochet brand is its creation from a space of healing.  Interesting enough, it was during the COVID quarantine when the Connecticut designer tried her hands at crochet.  Kollar highlights memories of women from her Polish lineage, who spent hours crocheting one patch.  Of course, there are also the traces of her Nana (of Puerto Rico) and how her mother made traditional, Puerto Rican dresses. Such pieces included see-through, high collard dresses and bridal dresses; while using intricate sewing techniques. These memories were clues to that special time when she would try her own hands to this skill of fashion and design.  "Both inspired me in different ways," highlights this fashionista. Nevertheless, it was during this period of loneliness where fashion proved itself to be very healing-at least for one designer.  


    "Coming out of COVID, I was also just like coming from a bad place; and also being able to just sit and let my mind escape into crochet.  That helped heal me, as well as reaching out to people on social media, who had similar problems.  They found how crochet or knitting helped them. . .That's like very specific to a crochet brand, in general because people were able to come together in person and heal in that way.  You're still able to express yourself even if you can't come together."


With March being Women's Herstory Month, SPICIE is contributing, in its own stylish way, to the celebration. For the foundation of SPICIE, accommodating women of different sizes is how fashion should be.  Red, sage, and charcoal are the colors describing the energy and vibe of SPICIE.  "I think it's the standard of the brand.  It will probably be like hot, bold colors," states Amber Kollar.


Making its way into more of the entertainment industry, the SPICIE brand is sure to bring about a unique look to the fashion industry! It will bring awareness to another look into the world of fashion and style. Furthermore, it  will also add another level of spiciness to the confidence and esteem of everyday women that we see! It's another taste of fashion for a woman's own stylish tea!