A Fashionable Tea! A Look At Pink Maison's First Tea Party In Atlanta

A Fashionable Tea! A Look At Pink Maison's First Tea Party In Atlanta

By: Lauren K. Clark


The artistry of tea is a fashionable experience of its own. Tea is an expression of taste. It's found throughout every nation, and it brings calm to any hectic industry-fashion, included. When it comes to high fashion, there is an exquisite taste of color, design, and style, which tickles the imagination.  Both tea and fashion have a healing factor.  They present an Earthly essence and presence, which nourish the mind, body, and Spirit.  Couple those with music, and you are set to experience an intrinsic world, where a fashionable, tasty ecstasy, begins! 

In the city of Atlanta, one such world came into being on a cold night of December 17th, 2022.  At the Pink Maison Showroom, situated at 57 Forsyth Street NW, fashion, tea, wellness, and music became one. While Pink Maison has held a number of tea parties in New York City, this event was a special marker for the city of Atlanta.  "This was our first, self-care tea party.  The tea party was created specifically with women, wellness, and self-care in mind," states a representative of Maison and NYSFE Magazine.  

Entering into the Pink Maison, the interior complemented the purpose of the tea party.  A red haute couture, formal gown welcomed all stylishly dressed guests to explore the dynamics of tea, music, and fashion.  Decoratively displayed in the back of the boutique, a table of hordeouvres, mimosas, and other complementary teas.  For the latter, one of such was The Golden Milk. This signature tea was a mixture of ginger, turmeric, Agave (sweetner), and the use of molasses for color.  Blow up posters of NYFSE Magazine, featuring celebrities such as Amara La Negra, Sean Paul, Sierra Gates, and others were in full view on that special night.  

One of the highlights of this fashionable tea party were the business women, who added a taste of wellness to the scene; and with the personal stories to match.  There was Tea Fraser of Tea Iconic-a company which intertwines tea and luxury for the fashionable inquisitive.  Traveling from all over the world, Madame Fraser uses her knowledge and expertise of international teas and tea culture to create a euphoric experience for her clients. Using exotic, Mediterranean, dehydrate leaves, and fruits from different lands, Ms. Fraser creates a euphoric paradise for those yearning to gain a taste of wellness.  

As fashionistas engaged in conversation and, while sampling wine, other business owners included Yvette Landin of Rock Rose,  Tamara Perdue of Beautiful Abundance Medspa, and Mind Energy Shift wellness services.  For Yvette Landin, who hails from Austin, Texas, the founding of her company Rock Rose is in the city of Atlanta.  Landin's journey in the beauty industry in the city begins with a powerful testimony of healing, while using beauty to heal other women.  "I worried that I made a huge mistake by leaving my family behind. I made a huge sacrifice only to realize that my purpose was to heal from the traumas I experienced for many years, and to help others to heal from their traumas.  You see I was emotionally and verbally abused for many years.  I was lost because I didn't know who I was and didn't know my value," states Yvette Landin.  Rock Rose beauty focus is on the lips.  Products includes products such as CBD lip gloss, plumpers, balms, lip colors, and other delights of using lip beauty to invoke inner confidence in women. 

The stereotype of botox not being for Black women was shattered on the night of Pink Maison's Atlanta showcase. "There are different types of neurotoxins.  I use a brand called Xeomin.  In my opinion Xeomin actually looks best with skin of color.  This treatment is actually a fountain of youth.  Unlike traditional botox, Xeomin has no preservatives, which allows for consistent dosing and avoids Immunity. Same dosing over time will continue to promote a youthful look and feel," states Tamara Perdue-Founder of Beautiful Abundance Medspa founder and registered nurse. Perdue addressed the stigma of botox and lip fillers for Black women. Perdue went over key perks of her wellness sense, which includes IV Drips, the use of lip fillers for decreasing lip lines, Vitamin C, B-12, and other tools, which assist in getting women excited, regarding the latest beauty innovations.  A final treat of Perdue's presentation included how a scale can tell the actual age of the body versus how old they actually are. A phenomenal fashion for 2023! Is it not? 

The mingling of guests, while drinking tea and wine took on an international twists with Pink Maison Brand Ambassador, Sabrina Qu. Qu, who is a model and has worked in the NYFSE fashion shows since 2020, experienced her first tea party with Pink Maison. From her own Chinese background and heritage, tea culture is a way of life. "Tea has become a big part of my life since I was young.  Everybody drinks tea and its a way of life.  China is a big country. People from different areas drink different tea, and its a lot of fun to talk about it.  The way of drinking tea can tell a person's background and personality." 

Fashion, tea, and the cross cultural exchange of it all, poured its way into the music sector for the night. Performances by R&B singer Skylar Reed and Erotic, Spoken Word artist-Talord Tales-brought an extra glittery touch to the meaning of fashion.  Why is there such a thing as fashion? Furthermore, what makes tea so fashionable? The night of Pink Maison's first tea party in the city of Atlanta certainly brought multiple answers to those questions.  Evenmoreso, the international taste of fashion and tea invited cross cultural pleasures.  "I always love Black American music; love to dance a lot with R&B music.  Skylar and Talord both did amazing performances.  I enjoyed it a lot.  This I like the gene in their vein, and it brings energy to my life," says Sabrina Qu. With performances of "Cuff It" (Beyonce), "Pink Up Your Feelings" (Jasmine Sullivan), "Is It The Way?" (Jill Scott), and "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," the festivities added style and magical zest to the elegance of Pink Maison.  "I believe my song selection connected well!" says Reed.  The songstress has been singing since the age of 7 at family events. She also studied classical music in college, and is currently a vocal coach. "The vendors were all-female owned entrepreneurs, with beautiful meaning behind their businesses. Guests also received a taste of Skylar Reed's most recent work. "I performed my latest single titled, "I Am," which I believe can be inspiring to any woman to proclaim, who she is and be unapologetically proud of who she is." Poet, Talord Tales performed her original works of "I Don't Want To Care About You," and "Sweet Tooth." Both performances delved into feminine sexuality and breaking barriers of the taboo. Is fashion its own taboo? The audacity of creativity, unspoken? Perhaps so. 

Leaving the Pink Maison after a night of bliss, fashion, and tea marks future tea parties at Atlanta's Pink Maison.  It was a fashion to remember. Of course, who could forget the red dress? Bold and courageous, its adventure into a sweet taste of fashion was welcome for the invited.  "That beautiful, red dress was everything! It was a full, elegant gown, and I could definitely see myself wearing it at a fancy performance, or on the red carpet someday," highlights Skylar Reed. "The event was lovely and I really loved that there vendors that accompanied fashion. . .I love how it was all brought together, and in a sense it is all a form of creativity.  Fashion is art, just how music is art." Wellness. Tea. Style. It all came together on one December night in the city of Atlanta. Fashion is wellness. Conversation is tea. Lessons learned for healing aroma, at a pinkish house, with fashionable taste!