Whitney Reign - Bold. Eclectic. Undeniable Talented

There is no doubt that Whitney Reign stood out amongst her other cast-mates on the Fox hit series, “The Four”. She had the most polished and electrifying presence on stage that even the judges couldn’t deny. It was obvious that Whitney was a professional entertainer - her experience in the music industry dates back to when she was 12 years old.

NYSFE had the pleasure of interviewing the finalist in the comforts of her home for the upcoming issue of “Influencing the Influencers”. It was amazing to see Whitney in her true elements as an artist and as a mother.

We began our interview at the kitchen table talking about the record deal she once had with Island Def Jam Records and the pressures that came along with such a life-changing opportunity.

Reign spoke about being pulled in so many directions as a young artist that circumstantially lead to her being neglected as “top priority”, therefore causing the deal to go south. This ultimately leads to her parting ways with what she thought would be the start of her dreams.

Whitney discussed with us how she struggled mentally and emotionally in her transition back to a normal life and a “regular job.” Her life experienced yet another shift once she found out that she was having her first child, Levi. That didn’t stop her though . Having him was just the boost she needed to motivate her to take a leap of faith and try again for her passion.

Aside from music, she gave NYSFE an insight on her other passions such as art and fashion. We got the opportunity to explore some of her favorite looks in her closet! 

Interviewed & Written by Miss Monet

Watch the full interview on IG TV @nysfemagazine


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