Leon Burns AKA “Kida the great” 17 years old of Sacramento California. Kida is the second youngest of seven siblings who started dancing at the tender age. Kida said that his brother introduced him to Dance and his mother encouraged the art by giving him the chance to be a part of a parade at age 6. Kida has made appearances on many Daytime TV Shows such as; Ellen, Rachel Ray, The People show just to name a few. This young man has changed the game at his age and continues to make great moves in the entertainment arena. At age 10 Kida was blessed to dance with celebrities such as Usher, Justin Beaber, Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown just to name a few… Kida the Great has some huge influencers in the dance world such as the great late Michael Jackson, Fick shun, The fewer Twins, Chris Brown; but most of all his brother Shaheem who allowed him to show his talent to the world. Just when you think Kida has accomplished a lot at his age, he went on to show his talent to the world on the popular dance show, “So You Think You Can Dance where he took the season 13 title as the winner. One of Kida’s favorite music video was the Tempo music video with Chris Brown. He said he had so much fun shooting it.

This talented young man has set the stage to another level. He is now the owner of a dance studio called: “The Great Dance Studio” which is one of his biggest dreams. Kida and some of his siblings also have a dance crew call Family First with his sister and one of his brother. “As you may know if you don’t know the kitchen dance studio” which became a staple for Kida on social media. This kitchen videos went viral for Kida, where he created a bunch of his dance moves. Kida said his kitchen became a masterpiece and he will not stop making videos for his fan in the kitchen. Yes, you read it first he will be creating a kitchen dance challenge for all his fans in the near future.

Kida said that he thanks God for all the blessings! He is happy to wake up and create art for the world and it's surreal to him each day knowing how much people look up to him young and old. He laughed and said he cannot believe it. Kida said everything is so amazing and he just wants to thank all his family for the support and the fans for believing in him. Kida wants the world to remember him as a very hard working kid, never give up, love his passion for his craft, the kitchen dancer and someone who always giving back to the communities that are in need the most.

Message from Kida to his fans: be comfortable in being told no and never give up until you get the Yes that will make you!


Interview and written by Jessi - Mar Ewart


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