Tristin Mays Fall Cover Star Interview (2018)

Tristin Mays.

Fun. Fearless. Beautiful.

Please introduce yourself. Where are you from and how old are you?

I was born in New Orleans Louisiana, but I was raised in NY. I'm 28

2. What is the most challenging role you've ever been cast as?

I haven't had a role yet that has been extremely difficult. I look forward to stepping out of my comfort zone and playing a character that really challenges me. A mental disability, split personalities, something like that.

3. How do you relate with your character, Riley Davis on MacGyver?

My character was in prison when you first meet her, but besides that, I was blessed to book the perfect role where I get to be 100% myself. The clothes, the way I speak, everything. Playing her is so much fun because I also get to kick butt and break the law without getting in trouble!

4. Please take us through daily life on set?

The day starts off with hair and makeup.
Breakfast. Cartoons with my dog in the trailer. Then camera rehearsal. We go straight into shooting. We move so fast from episode to episode a lot of times we don't even have time to know what we are doing ahead of time really, so we just show up on set ready for anything. Somehow it all comes out perfectly!

5. How do you relax after a long day of filming?

After I get home and shower and all that good stuff, I study my likes for the next day to get it out of the way as I'm waiting for my food to be delivered. (Always too tired to cook, except on weekends). Then I watch a few episodes of Locked up Abroad, or I play a video game (Spider-Man is my current weakness) with my dog and try to escape the world for a moment before going to sleep and starting all over again.

6. Were you a fan of the original MacGyver tv show?

My dad introduced me to Macgyver shorty before I auditioned for the show. I have an old soul, and I love all the classic tv shows from the '80s. I was actually disappointed in myself for not knowing anything about Macgyver. It was such a fascinating show.

7. Which Actor or Actress would you like to co-star with?

I would really like to work with Jake Gyllenhaal. I feel like we would work really well together. Maybe because he reminds me a little of my brother. Hmmmm.

8. What inspired you to begin your acting career?

My parents got me into acting before I was old enough to know what I was doing. I'm really grateful for that.

9. Following and collaborating with you on this Magazine issue, it is obvious, that your favorite color is black. Explain to our readers your love for the color black?

I don't have darkness inside of me, but I do tend to always gravitate toward black. Could be the mystery. Or the way it looks on me. Maybe it's my comfort color.

10. What has been the most challenging obstacle you've faced since you've become an Actress?
The most challenging obstacle all of us face at one point as actors are getting the opportunities to prove ourselves and our skills. Which is why a lot of us now are creating our own projects.

11. Which social media platform are you most frequent? Why

Instagram is my social media platform of choice. It's easy, it's fun.

12. What advice would you give to any aspiring actress/ actors?
Don't get too comfortable. Acting and performing is a constant work in progress. Put in the work, keep getting better, and don't give up.