Interview with Cover Star & Beauty Mogul Sierra Gates

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Star, Beauty Mogul, and power player, Sierra Gates, drops her highly coveted gems from her real-life playbook to help aspiring entrepreneurs pivot in the beauty industry/entrepreneurship and make the millions they aspire for at home and beyond”

Atlanta, Georgia native Sierra Gates, is a walking testimony that God will favor those who don’t lose faith and continue to walk in their purpose. Unexpectedly and beyond her control, Sierra had her first child at the age of 15 and dropped out of high school at the age of 16. With no support from her parents or anyone for that matter, Sierra had to find a way to make a way for herself and her daughter. Sierra realized that she could turn her longtime passion for makeup into a long term career. 

Sierra started freelancing and building up her clientele, and eventually, she became one of the biggest makeup artists in the city. Sierra’s demand continued to grow so much that she decided that it was time for her to take her makeup career to another level. In 2010, she decided to invest into her business on a larger scale by opening her first ever salon, the infamous Glam Shop

In 2016, Sierra was cast on one of the biggest reality shows to date, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." However, contrary to the negative opinions of the show, Sierra has been able to use the platform to spread positivity and has molded into a businesswoman who is currently bringing in more than six figures every year by doing what she loves, making people feel beautiful, and by teaching others the life changing skill that has changed her life tremendously, the art of microblading.

NYSFE caught up with the Beauty genius and we asked a few questions. 

Q: What is the best career decision you ever made? 

A: Is to set out on faith, by starting my business in the middle of the mall and being consistent. 

Q: What is the worst career decision you ever made? 

A: Is to depend on people. I was told to wait and I will get help to get my license to move forward. 

Q: What would you be doing now If you were not the owner of the Glam Shop? 

A: I could not picture myself of the Glam Shop. I know that I would still be an entrepreneur and motivating people. 

Q: What is your greatest strength of being a Mother? 

A: having a pure heart and sharing my love evenly. Being a big sister and because I grew up on love and that allows me to be strong as a mother.

Q: What is your greatest strength in being an entrepreneur?

A: Consistency, I am always pushing forth, I have bad days but I do have a great support team and me having a great relationship with God. 

Q: What is your greatest strength in being a black woman?

A: We are Black, we have superpowers. We know how to survive, we can be put in any situation and we know how to overcome it. I love our hair, our skin, our nails. I am just infatuated with Black people especially women. 

Q: How have you been coping in the pandemic mentally and physically? 

A: Staying in good spirit, staying grounded in God, and just stay grinding. Putting out love. The pandemic did not phase me…

Q: what advice can you give to young girls who look up to you?

A: I would tell them to be consistent through the ups and downs. And to never give up. 

Q: What are you currently working on? 

A: I am currently doing my Sierra way tour, by traveling the world to teach males and females a simple six-figure technique. I also have a vendors list to help people jumpstart their business.