Runway and print model Tamekia Powell is also an elementary educator who is passionately sharing her story of triumph and gratitude. Struck at fourteen years old with the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer, Tamekia’s life took a turn that brought confusion, pain and depression during her youth. What was supposed to be a time of youthful bliss, Tamekia had to instead endure unusual body changes, feelings of embarrassment and the hardship of having over eight surgeries dedicated to saving her life from malignant phyllodes tumors and invasive ductal carcinoma. It was an overwhelming time for this young model with her cancer going into remission and then coming back even more aggressively in her twenties.

Even through all of the pain, surgeries and disarray that comes with dealing with breast cancer, this fierce survivor has made one of her missions in life to educate young communities about health, cancer and keeping a positive mindset through challenging circumstances. As an advocate for breast cancer awareness, Tamekia has fought the fight and speaks for organizations about breast cancer prevention and living a healthy lifestyle.

Continuing to move forward and set high goals for herself, this vibrant beauty is cancer free and plans to keep heading forward with her dreams of being a top model and working in Spain. Already with an impressive modeling background, Tamekia continues to set new heights for herself and spread positivity to her community. Tamekia says it best of how she is able to move forward with grace and zeal, “I’m just happy to be alive!”


Model-Tamekia Powell

MUA-Takiyah Green, TAG Esthetics LLC

Photographer-Sommer Nicole Photography, Kissworks Studios

Written By: Takiyah Green